Recruiting Volunteers

Sheffield Volunteering supports students and staff at the University of Sheffield to get involved with our city through community volunteering. Every year we work with over 150 organisations in Sheffield (or nearby areas where the travel distance is practical and accessible by public transport) to help them recruit student volunteers.

For not-for-profit organisations in Sheffield or the surrounding area that are looking for volunteers we plan a tailored and targeted promotion strategy for all volunteering opportunities. We do this through our website via our email bulletin, social media and information in our office within the Students' Union. Once registered on our website you will also receive updates on other opportunities to engage with students throughout the year such as our Volunteering Fairs in October/February, our quarterly Give it a Go programme, and our 100 hour 3rd Sector paid Summer Placement scheme.

Please be aware that in order to advertise your opportunities with us you will need to agree to our Terms and Conditions.


If you are not already registered register here