Volunteering Project Leaders - Applications now open!

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Are you passionate about volunteering? Are you keen to build on your leadership skills? Do you want to play a big part in making a difference in the Sheffield community?

If your answer is yes, our fantastic projects need you!


This is your chance to make a difference in the community, develop your skills and be part of something amazing! We are recruiting Project Leaders for the following projects for next academic year (2022/23).

  • Flourish
  • Clubbing Crew
  • SIBS
  • Science Alive
  • Helping Hand
  • Wellbeing Project
  • Story Club
  • Generations Together
  • Language Buddies

More details about each project can be found below.

As a Project Leader, you will work in a team to manage a group of student volunteers. You will also design, create and run a number of sessions throughout the year with support from our Sheffield Volunteering staff coordinators. 

Applicants will need to attend an online interview with Sheffield Volunteering staff. You can choose between a variety of dates and times which you will select at the end of your application.

Please note that you must be a University of Sheffield student in 2022/23 to apply.

Apply via the form linked at the bottom of this page.




Help people with acquired brain injuries to rebuild their skills.

Flourish is a weekly group for adults with acquired brain injury to come together to socialise and take part in activities. As a project leader, you will create & organise weekly activities designed to challenge creativity, develop coordination & strengthen communication skills.

You will be part of a team of 4 project leaders managing a group of 20 volunteers. You will receive training including Safeguarding Adults, First Aid and Leadership training.

WHEN: Weekly on Friday afternoons during term time (plus planning and preparation time)


Supporting adults with learning disabilities to attend club nights at your Students’ Union. 

Volunteers attend the club nights with the participants to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time.  You will be providing the opportunity for adults, who often miss out on experiences others take for granted, to enjoy the SU nightlife! 

You will work as a group of 3 or 4 project leaders to manage a team of 25 volunteers and plan and lead the sessions. You will receive training including Safeguarding Adults, Disability Awareness and Leadership training.

WHEN: Monthly during term time on Friday nights 9pm-1am (plus planning and preparation time)



Support young people who have a sibling with a disability.

SIBS organises monthly trips/activities for children aged 8-12. The children all have a sibling or siblings with a disability. This means that they very often cannot access the same activities that other children can.

As a project leader, you will liaise with families and organise activities and trips throughout the year. You will be part of a team of 2 project leaders & will manage a group of 15 volunteers. You will receive training including Safeguarding Children, Promoting Positive Behaviour, First Aid and Leadership training.

WHEN: Monthly during term time on Saturdays 9am-5pm



Organise a large science event for primary aged children and their families from across Sheffield. In previous years over 1000 people have come along to experience Science Alive!

As a Project Leader, you will organise the event, recruit societies and volunteers to deliver fun STEM based activities, and liaise with local organisations (Sheffield Children's University). You will plan the event during Semester 1 for delivery in Semester 2. Working as part of a team of 3 Project Leaders, you will receive leadership and First Aid training. 

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENT: You must be studying a Science or Engineering subject at University to apply for this role.



Lead a project which forms part of a network of organisations working to relieve the issue of homelessness in Sheffield.

Helping Hand student volunteers run outreach walks (about 3 lunchtime walks a week) during term time in the city centre to help provide support to those who are homeless, rough sleeping or begging. The volunteering team also run campaigns and awareness-raising events across the University in support of the city-wide Help Us Help campaign.

You will work in a team of 3 project leaders to recruit and support the volunteer team, lead some of the lunchtime outreach walks, develop Helping Hand's social media pages, organise events and liaising with and supporting local homelessness charities.

When:  lunchtime city centre outreach walks (1hr) during term time  (plus time to plan and run campaigns)


Help young people develop tools and strategies to improve their wellbeing.

Volunteering in small teams, Wellbeing Project volunteers deliver one off interactive sessions in local secondary schools. Through group and individual activities, the session focuses on helping young people gain an insight into their own wellbeing and offers them practical ways to improve their wellbeing. 

Please note this project aims to promote general well being and does not focus on mental ill health nor provide individual support for young people. 

You will work as a team of 2 project leaders to liaise with schools, manage a team of 15 volunteers and help them prepare to deliver sessions in teams of 3 or 4. You will receive Project Leader training and Wellbeing Project training. 

WHEN:  10 - 15 lessons between October and April 



Build children's confidence and develop their speaking and listening skills through interactive storytelling, craft activities and games.

Story Club is a volunteer-led literacy project for Year 2 children (6-7 year olds) in local primary schools. As a team of 2 project leaders, you will create & organise sessions, recruit and train volunteers, and liaise with local schools.

WHEN: Weekly during term time (specific day / time TBC)



Provide companionship and support for older people in local sheltered housing accommodation. 

Over a million people over 65 in the UK are chronically lonely. Tea, chat and friendship can transform people's lives - lead the Generations Together team today to be part of making it happen!

You will work as a team of 2  project leaders to design and run crafts, games and other activities to engage and stimulate the residents' creativity and imagination, ensuring that activities are planned to be safe and accessible for all. You will also support and manage a team of 10-12 volunteers. You will receive Project Leader  and Working with Older People training. 

WHEN: Weekly on afternoons during term time (you will attend weekly or fortnightly)



Share your passion for languages and inspire the next generation of language learners.

Lead a team of language students to create fun and exciting language workshops for primary school children. 

As a team of 2 project leaders, you will oversee the project and train and manage a team of volunteers to plan and deliver the workshops. 

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENT: You need a good knowledge of either French, German or Spanish (studied to at least A Level or equivalent, or be a native speaker.)



Organise opportunities and accompany refugees and asylum seekers to events and activities around the city. 

ARISE (Accompanying Refugees in Sheffield to Events) is a project that helps refugees and asylum seekers in Sheffield to feel safe and welcome. As a team of 3 project leaders, you will liaise with organisations across the city to organise trips to various different and innovative events. You will train, manage and support a team of volunteers who will accompany the refugees and asylum seekers to the events.






Still have questions?

Please email volunteering@sheffield.ac.uk if you need any more information.