Love Sheffield

Map of Sheffield

Sheffield is a great place to live. Although it's the 4th biggest city in England, many say it feels like a village because nothing is too far away and the people are so friendly. As a student you will likely become familiar with the area around the University and the student neighbourhoods nearby. Volunteering is one way of exploring different parts of the city and getting out of the 'student bubble', meeting local people and discovering the diversity and hidden gems you may not otherwise encounter.

Make the most of your time here to find out what's going on and get involved! Here are some links to get you started......

Take our quiz to test your Sheffield knowledge and find out about volunteering in this amazing city! 

This video on the University website showcases some of the independent venues in the city. This is Sheffield has been set up to help local independent businesses in Sheffield. These businesses can provide services that avoid social interaction and help those in isolation. Check out the website to see more about local deliveries, takeaways, gift vouchers and more.

If you want to be in the know on local events and what's happening, sign up to the weekly Sheffield culture round-up from the fabulous Our Favourite Places.

Sheffield Culture Hub is an online platform to Sheffield’s festivals, galleries, theatres, and more, so you can continue to enjoy inspiring cultural events from Sheffield, at home.

Now Then Magazine can no longer print and distribute a free community magazine, so they have developed an app to keep you informed and up-to-date with lots of independent Sheffield businesses and charities remotely! Expect great articles, topical content, reviews, opinion pieces, recipes, interviews, listings, creative writing and artwork... PLUS Offers, discounts, directories, maps, loyalty cards and rewards with local traders across the city – so that you can help the authentic, diverse, independent Sheffield we all love thrive. Download the free app on IOS and Android here.

60% of Sheffield is green space and a third of the city lies within the borders of the Peak District National Park, so that's why it's called The Outdoor City. There are strong climbing, running and mountain-biking communities, loads of great parks and the stunning scenery of the Peak District to explore. 


If you're living in the student areas, check out this Love Your Community guide :)