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Grimm & Co - Apothecary to the Magical

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We aim to change the lives of 7-18 year olds one story at a time.

Remote Support Volunteer 2020

This opportunity is pending approval by Sheffield Volunteering.
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Covid-19 Response

We have received many requests from students who want to know how they can help. We have put together a list of local organisations that are looking for volunteer help (both remote and in person) and will keep this updated as we become aware of new needs/requests.

Homelessness - Get informed and support local charities

What are local organisations doing to support the homeless and vulnerable community during this tough time? Read here to find out more and support people in need

Help Local Food Banks

Local Food banks need your help now more than ever. Look out for collection points in the supermarkets and donate some food if you can, or volunteer your time to make a difference. Click on the image to read more.