Sheffield volunteering HEAR Guidance 2021/22


Please read more about HEAR on the SU website:

There are two HEAR roles with Sheffield Volunteering: ‘Sheffield Volunteering Community Volunteer’ or ‘Sheffield Volunteering Project Leader’. The criteria for these roles can be found by visiting, searching for ‘Volunteering’ then clicking on the relevant role.


What's Eligible?

The activities that can be included in the role of ‘Community Volunteer’ are:

  • Volunteering Ambassadors
  • Student Group Project Volunteer (e.g. Saturday Playgroup, Computer Club, Flourish)
  • Society/Sports Club Project Volunteer (e.g. BMS, Geog Soc, Rowing)
  • Volunteering with a local charity/organisation which is registered on the Sheffield Volunteering website this academic year (if you are unsure whether the charity is registered with us, email us to check!)
  • One-off volunteering activities
  • Schools Outreach Projects (i.e. Women in STEM, Language Buddies)

If you are a designated Project Leader for a Student Group, Society or Sports Club project, and you fulfil the criteria, you can apply for the ‘Sheffield Volunteering Project Leader’ role.


What is expected of volunteers to obtain HEAR verification??

We hope that all our volunteers will act in the spirit of the project, be reliable team members and fulfil the duties associated with their role. However, please note that Sheffield Volunteering reserve the right to refuse HEAR recognition to any student who has been involved in a complaint, policy breach or who has seriously failed to satisfy the expected commitment.

To obtain project leader verification you must also be a designated project leader for your project, adhere to your project leader protocol and uphold and abide by Sheffield Volunteering approved policies and procedures. You will complete the relevant application, screening procedures and training as required by Sheffield Volunteering and work in cooperation with your designated staff support (i.e. a Sheffield Volunteering Co-ordinator) to their satisfaction.


You are not eligible for HEAR if;

  • You are a Postgraduate Student
  • You started your studies in September 2021 or later. If this is the case, please use the MySkills portfolio tool. MySkills supports employability for all students.


Skills Assessment and Development Experience

One of the criteria for these roles is completion of a Skills Assessment and a development experience on the University’s mySkills platform. Details of how to complete this are on the HEAR form for volunteering.

You can read more about mySkills here.



This is not an assessed piece of work. It is an opportunity for you to reflect on the skills, attributes and competencies that you have developed through your volunteering experience. This will then help you to articulate your experiences in interviews, on application forms and on your CV.

Don’t be afraid to discuss situations that were challenging, difficult or perhaps had a negative outcome. Negative experiences are just as developmental as positive ones and can be drawn upon to demonstrate learning and self-development. What did you learn from the not-so-successful occasions? How did you turn a negative situation into a positive one?

Form submissions will be cross-referenced against staff records to ensure consistency with the activities included in your reflective account. Please ensure that you do not include any activity which you did not take part in this academic year or that isn’t eligible (see list of eligible activities above).


On your form, you cannot include:

  • Volunteering with a Charity/Organisation which is not registered on the Sheffield Volunteering website – make sure you check this. If you are unsure, email us!
  • Sheffield Volunteering Committee roles (including any volunteering undertaken as part of your committee role) – please use the Committee Member Completion form
  • Fundraising
  • Paid work
  • Volunteering undertaken as part of the Lloyds Scholars programme
  • University run activities (e.g. curriculum-based, residential mentors or University Ambassadors) 


When do I have to complete this by?

The Deadline for submissions for 2021/22 is Friday 27th May 5pm. If you miss the deadline, you will not be able to gain recognition for your volunteering on your HEAR.

If you have any concerns about meeting this deadline you must contact as soon as possible.